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Siberian Snow Salt Beer Soap

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Siberian Snow Salt Beer Soap

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This pure sea salt soap bar is made with a Premium Pale Ale (this batch is made with Lancaster Blond Ale).

This beer soap bar is something very special.  Not only it is made with an amazing beer,  it is specially designed to celebrate Siberia, a beautiful land of pure white snow. We added pure fine Sea salt, Tussah silk and white clay.  It is very gentle, exfoliating, silky salt soap bar that leaves your skin supple and nourished.  In many ways it is just like Siberian Snow that we like so much:)

It is quite hard to make and cut beautifully as it becomes solid really quickly and sometimes unexpectedly 🙂 even with our experience! therefore, these bars might not always be a perfect circle!

Please note that his soap bar is full of natural glycerine that attracts moisture from its surroundings.  So, if the conditions are humid,  you might notice little beads of moisture on surface of your soap – it is perfectly normal and in fact a sign of a quality soap bar.  For more information about glycerine and how it helps your skin, please refer to our soapedia.




Real silk threads, humanely gathered after the moth has emerged from the cocoon.


Natural product and the mildest of all clays, – perfect for sensitive skin. This silky clay is great in soaps as a gentle exfoliant.

2 reviews for Siberian Snow Salt Beer Soap

  1. customer

    Smells lovely.

  2. Amy

    The soap is just lovely on my skin, a really nice balance of cleansing and gentle.

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