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Excellent UK Beers used in making of our Beer Soaps

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Real Beer in our products

Beer is one of the main ingredients in our soaps and we are quite keen to use only the best, most popular or award-winning beers and ales.  There were about 1901 breweries in the UK in 2021, producing some of the best beers in the world.  We are very fortunate to be based in the heart of England, where we have access to lots of great, interesting and unusual ales.  Ale is a traditional British drink and we, Brits, put it to many use. We bake with it, we make pies with it, we wash our hair with it and we now put in our soaps. and why not?  We say the more the better, and the merrier!

What is beer?

All beer is brewed from malted barley, hops, yeast and water, although other ingredients such as fruit, wheat and spices are sometimes used. The yeast turns sugars in the malt into alcohol and the hops provide the bitter flavours in beer and the flowery aroma.

The flavour of your beer depends on many things, including the types of malt and hops used, other ingredients and the yeast variety. Getting the yeast right is essential as each variety has its own distinctive effect on the beer.

What is the difference between ‘ale’ and other beers?

There is a huge range of different beer styles, each with different qualities, tastes and strengths, but each falls into one of two main categories – ale or lager. The key difference between ales and lagers is the type of fermentation.

Fermentation is the process which turns the fermentable sugars in the malt into alcohol and carbon dioxide.  Lagers are made using bottom-fermenting yeast which sinks to the bottom of the fermenting vessel and fermentation takes place at a relatively low temperature. Authentic lagers then undergo a long period of cooled conditioning in special tanks.

Ales (which includes bitters, milds, stouts, porters, barley wines, golden ales and old ales) use top-fermenting yeast. The yeast forms a thick head on the top of the fermenting vessel and the process is shorter, more vigorous and carried out at higher temperatures than lager. This is the traditional method of brewing British beer.  At the moment, we use this type of beer (ale) in our products.

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