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Handmade   Our soaps are made from scratch by hand using natural process and high quality vegetable oils.

No Nasties    Our soaps do not contain any animal fats, any SLS or other foaming agents or parabens.

Beer    Good beer is made from natural ingredients and is full of goodness and nutrients that are beneficial for you. For many years people have been using beer to wash their hair or in some countries people even have beer baths. We use a natural process to make our soap and we believe that the beer goodness is fully transferred onto our soap. We are very fortunate that in the UK, we have a huge choice of excellent ales and beers to make our soaps with.

Beer soap scent    Beer soap  doesn’t  smell of beer, so you won’t smell like a brewery after a shower with our soap.  We use essential oils and designer fragrance oils to scent our soaps or leave them unscented, depending on the beer we use.

Our vegetable oils    We only use high quality vegetable oils in our recipes. The main ingredient in our core recipe is extra virgin olive oil.  Soap made with olive oil is gentle and helps the skin’s surface retain moisture. The general health of your skin relates directly to its moisture content.

Glycerine     Quality bars of handmade soap have high content of natural humectants, like glycerine.  Glycerine is natural and valuable by-product of saponification, chemical reaction that produces soap. After washing with natural soap, a thin layer of natural glycerine is left behind and it will draw moisture to your skin. All natural handmade soaps can help your skin maintain a moisture balance while nourishing it.

“Sweating” or Dew     When natural soap sits out in humid conditions, the glycerine, due to its hydroscopic nature, will draw the moisture out of the air onto itself. The more humid the environment and the more humectants in the soap, the more likely you’ll experience this phenomenon.  So, if you see dew on the surface of your soap (and it is especially so with our salt bars, because salt is also natural humectant), do not freak out – there is nothing wrong with your soap, it’s just the glycerine and other natural humectants doing their job, so carry on as normal!


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